Onlyyacht US Marks Insurance Company Expansion

With nearly 400 megayachts insured, Onlyyacht has established its first roots in the United States, as Onlyyacht US. Onlyyacht has five offices in England and Europe. They range from London to Antibes and Rotterdam. The Onlyyacht US office is located in Fort Lauderdale. Vincent Huens de Brouwer, the executive director of the office, tells the […]

Superyacht My Song “Not Savable”

PHOTO: Peters & May   Despite a salvage company pulling her from the waters off Menorca, Spain, the sailing superyacht My Song cannot be repaired. The confirmation comes from her owner. My Song fell overboard from a Peters & May transport ship on May 26. The incident occurred in France’s Gulf of Lion. She was […]

Yacht Travel to Cuba More Difficult—But Still Possible

PHOTO: Gabriel Rodriguez/Flickr This week the Trump administration clamped down on U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba. While most news reports have focused on cruise-ship passengers, the policy restricts recreational yacht travel to Cuba, too. Even with the seemingly chilling effect, though, yacht owners and guests can still visit under certain circumstances. Abiding is key, since […]