Yacht Art Management: Crew Training for Fine Art Care

Stunning paintings, lithographs, sculptures, and more command attention in saloons, staterooms, and foyers. There’s just one problem. These fine pieces are susceptible to humidity and temperature changes onboard, along with errant spills and other accidental damage. Yacht art management is therefore just as crucial as washing down the decks and tidying relaxation areas. This brings […]

Chartering Your Yacht, for First-Time Superyacht Owners

Editor’s note: Due to reader requests, and a special effort to educate first-time superyacht owners, MegayachtNews.com publishes “superyacht 101” stories from time to time. This latest article provides a brief overview of chartering your yacht. Specifically, it explains what you should understand in evaluating whether offering your yacht is right for you. The advice comes […]

Cybercrime on Superyachts: a Serious Threat

In a recent CNN article, an IT specialist installing a simple Internet router aboard a yacht discovered a host of hacking vulnerabilities. In fact, the way the yacht was wired, a hacker easily could seize control over everything from the GPS to the rudder. “Someone could be sitting at a café with a Wi-Fi connection […]