Nautic Alert Tender Watch Will Save You Issues—and Insurance Money

Not long ago, a Westport 130 had an issue that affects a number of other megayachts, both larger and somewhat smaller. While they were towing their tender, at some point, the tender broke loose. It happened not just once, but twice. Understandably, the captain, crew, and owner weren’t happy. Neither, interesting enough, was the insurance company. In fact, the insurance company reached out to Nautic Alert, which has boat-security, tracking, and monitoring programs, to create a solution to prevent such sizable claims. That solution: Tender Watch.

Certainly, other tender-monitoring systems exist. However, they update locations only periodically. In addition, those updates can occur between long periods of being dormant. Therefore, if the tender drifts after breaking away—and they always drift—trying to find where it went to isn’t easy. Tender Watch is different in delivering an immediate alert to the crew at the helm the second the tow line drops. It uses a secured wireless data network to send the alert, triggered by a geofence surrounding the tender. In addition, Tender Watch sends real-time location reports. And, finally, if you adopt Tender Watch, you might just get a discount from your insurer.

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