“With the adoption of the Federal law №67 the algorithm of the insurers and carriers will not change,”


Law No. 67-FZ, which comes into force on 1 January 2013, will not increase the financial burden on airlines, however it is not excluded that it will force airlines and insurers to correct principles. About possible nuances in the interview, the ATO said the Deputy Chairman of the management Board of insurance group SOGAZ Nikolay Galushin.

ATO: Nikolay Vladimirovich, how will the aviation insurance market after the entry into force of the Federal law No. 67-FZ? Will take any company from this segment?

N. G: Some screenings are indeed possible. To operate within the law No. 67-FZ, you need to be a member of a professional Association. And this, in turn, requires additional expenditures. If the insurance company expects that its business will not grow significantly, it is to join a trade Union, to pay dues, to give risks in reinsurance for a very strange piece of business, no one will. Therefore, it is likely that this segment will go in small companies that now insure some risk and do not define the situation on the market. All the rest are already members of the National Union of liability insurers (NALI), which is a professional Association for this type of insurance. Thus, there will be an increase in the overall proportion of large companies.

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