The aviation insurance market of Russia


More about the author: Kabachnik, I. N., Deputy General Director – Director for aviation insurance JSC “AlfaStrahovanie”

My task is to briefly outline the situation on the Russian market of aviastroenie prevailing at the moment. I’ll warn you that my presentation is not so much statistics; I’d like to talk not so much about quantity as about the quality of our market, the problems with which we are now dealing with. But without the numbers of course, we can’t do it.

Slide 1 shows the FSR for three years plus three quarters of 2012. We see a stable volume of premium, in three quarters it is difficult to assess an annual fee, but most likely, 2012 will result in positive growth. In any case, in 4 years we have not seen a significant reduction in the total volume of insurance premiums

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In this presentation my colleague, Alex Chapman have you seen that the premiums of world insurance market airlines drops significantly from year to year.

It turns out that we are all not so bad?

But unfortunately, a closer look will find that enjoy is actually nothing.

Over the last decade, since 2000, the average growth rate of the volume indicators in the Russian aircraft significantly exceeded the average.

Slide 1. Dynamics fees (insurance premium) aviation insurance market of Russia

Source: Federal financial markets service (preliminary)