“Federal law No. 67-FZ worsened the situation as airlines and passengers”


On 26 February this year at the 4th International Conference of the Russian Association of aviation and space insurers “Aviation insurance in Russia” I made a report on “Changes in Russian legislation in respect of liability insurance of carriers before passengers on air transport”.

In this report, questions were raised concerning prospects for application in civil aviation of the Federal law No. 67-FZ “On compulsory insurance of civil liability of the carrier for damage to life, health, property of passengers and on the procedure for compensation of such harm caused at transportations of passengers by underground”, which came into force on January 01, 2013.

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Let me remind you, this law with some modifications extended to all public transport (except taxis) established in 2007 in aviation, the practice of obligatory insurance of responsibility before passengers of aircraft with a minimum amount of insurance payment of 2 million rubles for the life or health of the passenger.

“De jure” the new law has been in place for more than six months.

With a noticeable delay (mid-March) as professional associations began to function, the national Union of liability insurers (NSSO), which finally allowed the insurance companies – members of this Association to proceed provided by the Federal law No. 67-FZ insurance is “de facto”.

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Time has passed not so much, but now it makes sense to try one more time to perform that all-new gave the law to carriers and air passengers?

So what got the airlines?