Damage in transit, theft and accident are the main causes of payments of insurers under policies of cargo insurance


According to statistics of the Central Bank, in 2017 the Russian insurance companies were paid almost 60 thousand of losses under cargo insurance. Experts have examined the main causes of losses under policies of insurance for five years.

Mostly the damage was related to the theft more than 6% of the total number of losses, which account for about 40% of the payments made. In the second place the damage in the accident and accidents (2% of cases and 15% of payments), the third – a violation of the temperature regime and water damage, which accounts for 1% of cases and 4% of payments. Also common losses due to fire, transportation (3% of payments) or damage to the cargo during loading and unloading.

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Most often losses occur during transportation of cargo such as cars, food, alcohol, tobacco, tires, appliances and electronics.

The majority of losses (85%) does not exceed the amount of 100 thousand rubles, which enables us to settle damages for the reduced package of documents and to minimize the delay in the reimbursement. But there are large losses, particularly theft, accidents and fires, and their number is also quite large, especially for long-distance transportation. Domestic cargo transportation traditionally, the majority of the loss falls on the directions with intensive traffic: Moscow-St. Petersburg and South of Russia. There are other features: the violation of the temperature mode there is a pronounced seasonality – the majority of the damages is in the summer and the winter, but the losses from the accident virtually not tied to the time of year.